The World of Vectordel



Shawn kills D.
Dan becomes Yakman.
Killed harrigan.
Hard ass fight.
Waterfall rider.
Redshirt is a tree.
Cody splits the parties.
Stupid ass monkeys.
Cody solos the backline.
Meet with fuckwad.
Gain royal seals, missions, and letters.
Make dat money.

FIGHT 200 Cats
Summon a dire mammoth

Take all of experiences!!!!!!!



Today it begins again
Take 2

The village of dinn today was shocked by the appearance of princess buttercup of the royal family showed up pursued by armed guards. Fended off by Hunter Squad Tuesday, the assailants where defeated and princess Buttercup was taken to speak with the village elder. Upon learning of the plight of the capitol, Hunter Squad Tuesday was assigned to escort the princess to Fort Fisher in the south. Upon the way the party has been attacked by 2 more pairs of scouts, intent on taking the princess. Although there have been several close calls, the party remains in decent shape and high spirit.


“So yeah, a lot of things happened I guess, I dunno, but we were at the bottom of the ocean, kinda, and it was really cool because the submarine changed color and i dunno why, but yeah that short guy was gone and i dunno where he went so i decided to drive the submarine and deep inhalation it was really fun because i got to press a lot of buttons that made cool noises but didn’t do anything, oh, and i also got to play with the baby t-rex cause yeah, cool, and also people yelled at me for driving the boat because they were jealous or something but I don’t know why they didn’t want me to drive because they cant drive it cause they’re stupid to something, but yeah NuNu tried to read the manual but I don’t think he can read, also he cant talk which is really funny because we get to play charades and yeah that’s fun and Deep inhale finally the bear guy told me i could pet his camel if I could get us up to the surface so I started pressing more buttons and then the big sword fighter guy was all like ‘no you can drive silly kid’ and told me not to drive but i don’t know why he told me not to drive cause he cant drive, he’s probably jealous or something, but i starting pull levers that the bear guy told me to pull and we started turning upside down and it was kinda fun except for when i hit my head but it’s OK cause i fixed it and then we started going up but apparently there was banging or something and everyone disappeared and I was really confused but then Lin came and showed me where everyone went so that was really nice of him and then everyone started to fight a bunch of water so I ran over to play in it but it hit me a lot and it was mean so I left and then the water stopped hitting people, also there was a tree, and then I drove the submarine again and we hit the surface of the water so this guy named Wes figured out where we were and told me to go north because he had never been north so then i went west because i dunno it was fun but then i went east and that was kinda gun too but then everyone told me to go south east so i went south east but then everyone told me that i need to go east because we were actually going south south east and then Wes to me a story about how he wanted to have a fmaily and I felt really sad and I didnt remember why and then I remembered that I need to find my sisters or that dragon cause that dragon is a bully and he stole me locket that my sisters gave me…

so yeah then we crashed and it was really fun except for the camel because he died and that’s too bad but oh well nothing i could do and then the archer guy died too but he never talked and was a little weird but its ok and then the t-rex tried to eat the camel and the bear guy go really angry and swam away and I don’t think he’s going to come back again because he doesn’t like the t-rex but he likes me so he’ll come back i think, i dunno, but yeah we traveled two days because people started to listen to me but I changed my mind cause i didn’t want to go east anymore so we went back south and that’s good because we found door and I figured we could like turn him into the face of a big ale barrel so he’ll e really happy but we started going south and i dunno where we are going but i need to find a smart person that knows where dragons are."

Everyone should do something like this. :)

The Rainbow Submarine
All seemed like a pretty normal day on the submarine for everyone. The party was coasting through the ocean at a pretty slow pace as a boat snuck up behind them. Three frenchmen and a T-rex were preparing to invade the ship, (I feel sorry for anyone reading this that hasn’t been paying attention to the campaign) as the submarine abruptly stopped forcing the boat to get around it. The three Frenchmen and the T-rex jumped off the boat onto the submarine, one frenchy did a particuarly amazing job. After questioning the people inside the submarine a giant tentacle arose from the ocean and threatened the frenchmen, the T-rex, and the party aboard the ship. After a minute of struggle with the giant squid tentecles the god dwarf became tired and turned into a giant robot with multiple large drills, yelling “THIS IS THE DRILL THAT WILL PIERCE THE HEAVENS!!!” as he shot off with the squid into outspace or something. He never returned, RIP IN PEACE. After multiple failed insanity checks the strange normal rainbow hair colored boy set a camel on fire 10 times and put it out 3 times, he turned a wooden door to steel 6 times, created a giant storm cloud, gave the monkey a curse, called a T-rex adorable, changed the color of the submarine, and finally brought the submarine down to the ocean floor. So all in all it was, sadly, a pretty fucking normal day in the World of Vectordel.


Yellow submarine

So… since every one has come into existence lots has happened. After roaming most of Barbary and deciding that trying to seige the dwarven elephant silk island was a bad idea at current, the party teleported to Waystation A where they proceeded to be robbed, beat, educated, murdered, and sold into slavery. All very exciting for 2 days worth of work. After a very exciting and nearly deadly 12 day trip aboard their slave ship with “Door” the animated door as their only companion the group finally arrived at an unknown port town. Determined not to stay long enough to allow the “pirates” transporting them to have their way, Lord Tywen(NuNu) decided the best way off of a boat was to burn it down. After several close calls and lots of cinematic flair, (with a little help from bard-a-bard) Zeric saved the day by transforming the sinking fireball of death into a very trademark yellow submarine. Will our heroes learn to steer the boat? Can they outrun the angry pirates who want their ship back. Will “Door” ever let them out? How will they deal with their new insanity? All of these questions and more will be answered next week when we return to: The Exciting World Of Vectordel!!!!!!

P.S. Everybody please update their character sheets on here. Dan, that goes for your cohorts as well.

Drew Exists

Yay. After leaving the town of beriba, zeric traveled west to the coast. Upon reaching the shore, and besting a local bandit, he sailed the straight with Cptn. Penguin. and his raft. after finding and traveling up the river on foot. After 5 days he reached the border town. After securing himself a job and lodging he traveled the city looking for (trouble) things to do. After a fight a with one of nerulls blackguards he journeyed to the next door temple of pelor where he spoke with the captain paladin of the local chapter. Finding nothing of use he continued his quest for extra cash where he was besieged by some local thugs. Disappointed and bored he returned to his new temporary home to sleep it off. He awoke with a mighty HUSSAH! After a morning spent creating Emerald Purification Tablets, he searched for further work. Finding contract jobs with a local magic shop he continued saving money. After hearing about a caravan guard position that would be earned via tournament, Zeric decided to enter. Although about 70 people entered zeric emerged the victor. He prepares to set out with his new caravan in the next few days

Cody exists

yay cody


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