The World of Vectordel

Yellow submarine

So… since every one has come into existence lots has happened. After roaming most of Barbary and deciding that trying to seige the dwarven elephant silk island was a bad idea at current, the party teleported to Waystation A where they proceeded to be robbed, beat, educated, murdered, and sold into slavery. All very exciting for 2 days worth of work. After a very exciting and nearly deadly 12 day trip aboard their slave ship with “Door” the animated door as their only companion the group finally arrived at an unknown port town. Determined not to stay long enough to allow the “pirates” transporting them to have their way, Lord Tywen(NuNu) decided the best way off of a boat was to burn it down. After several close calls and lots of cinematic flair, (with a little help from bard-a-bard) Zeric saved the day by transforming the sinking fireball of death into a very trademark yellow submarine. Will our heroes learn to steer the boat? Can they outrun the angry pirates who want their ship back. Will “Door” ever let them out? How will they deal with their new insanity? All of these questions and more will be answered next week when we return to: The Exciting World Of Vectordel!!!!!!

P.S. Everybody please update their character sheets on here. Dan, that goes for your cohorts as well.

Drew Exists

Yay. After leaving the town of beriba, zeric traveled west to the coast. Upon reaching the shore, and besting a local bandit, he sailed the straight with Cptn. Penguin. and his raft. after finding and traveling up the river on foot. After 5 days he reached the border town. After securing himself a job and lodging he traveled the city looking for (trouble) things to do. After a fight a with one of nerulls blackguards he journeyed to the next door temple of pelor where he spoke with the captain paladin of the local chapter. Finding nothing of use he continued his quest for extra cash where he was besieged by some local thugs. Disappointed and bored he returned to his new temporary home to sleep it off. He awoke with a mighty HUSSAH! After a morning spent creating Emerald Purification Tablets, he searched for further work. Finding contract jobs with a local magic shop he continued saving money. After hearing about a caravan guard position that would be earned via tournament, Zeric decided to enter. Although about 70 people entered zeric emerged the victor. He prepares to set out with his new caravan in the next few days

Cody exists

yay cody

Dyllen Exists

Today Daerah(White Beast) awoke after a crazy ceremony to find herself bound on a slave ship destined for countries unknown. After freeing herself from the ropes that bound her and defeating her captors she managed to steer her boat to port, where she wandered from city to city, looking for maps and adventure. After getting herself kicked out of multiple countries within a week, she made her way south to the village Village One, where she interacted with the Water Man. after tricking(irritating) him into giving her Emerald Purification Tablets Daerah headed west and followed the coast until she arrived at Yaname. Along the route she found a deranged Camel, named Charles, who became her companion. After a brief mixup where the camel rode her for 10 min they arrived in town. After talking to the locals, she decided to get in touch with the Heart of the tempest for more information. After a small mixup with a local thug she returned to her inn to rest and plan how to make a name for herself.

Danny Exists

Today “Lord Tywen” came into existence, ex circus performer and con man extraordinaire. After stowing aboard a merchant caravan, he successfully, as well as instepticisiously, inserted himself into the royal spotlight. After gaining some mercenary muscle, and a close friend, he set out upon the open desert, where he was ambushed multiple times, but managed to come out victorious. After seizing the goods of the ambushers, he proceeded to construct the facade of a true royal man. We leave our hero with some coins in his pocket and a new sword at his belt, along with trusty companions in the northern desert city.


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