The World of Vectordel

Triangle Chokes Super-Effective against CRABS!

Our ship runs aground, and we find ourselves facing off against an army of crabs! Lyn and Sylveous strike the Medium sized crabs as Lyn strikes one down with his scythe. Big boy joins the battle! Big boy grapples Lyn, it’s an intense grappling match wherein Lyn and Big Boy beat eachother with their limbs. Bear goes into the water and faces off against the small crab legion, as the company of Medium crabs join the fray with Bear, Bear is grappled into the water and struggles to fight them quite intensely. Skye jumps into the water and grapples the crab wrestling champion of the world! It’s an intense match wherein Skye attempts a suplex, and fails! He attempts the arm bar, and it breaks out! He goes for the Triangle Choke hold and he gets it!!!! He’s got the choke hold on the Crab Champion of the WORLD! The crab breaks out on his next turn, the grapple continues! Kuro eats a crab, we’re all confused! Bear gets knocked out by one of the medium crabs. Sylveous strikes down a crab as it scuttles onto the deck, and is surrounded again! Skye gets the Triangle Choke in again! He’s got it! Lyn takes down Big Boy down with a fist to its crabby face! The Crab wrestling champion of the world can’t break the hold! Is Skye going to do it!? The crabs try to drag Bear onto the land, and they aren’t doing quite well, they’re dragged underwater as she sinks! The Crabs begin to cannibalize Big Boy! Skye releases the Crab, and pushes Bear onto the land! There’s a crab hanging off of bear still, and Lyn takes Bear from Skye and punches the crab off of Bear. The battles continue between Sylveous and three crabs, and the crab wrestling champion of the world goes after Skye! He strikes Skye, and attempts to grapple, but Skye breaks it! As two more crabs jump in! Is there no honor in crabs!? They smack Skye around, and the third grapples him! Lyn strikes down the Crab wrestling champion of the world with his scythe! It stays down! Our group finishes off the rest of the crabs, and our crew comes up to gather up what we can of the food!

We set onto the island and find a wrecked fishing boat containing the necessary supplies to repair our ship, and a few items. After four days of rain and heavy winds blowing against us, as well as more fog, we finally are able to set off again. We arrive at the port of Citadel after two more days at sea. Sylveous sells the Coral Crossbow to fund the next of their adventures! We find our way mysteriously to the entrance of the nearby fortress in our searches for Bear. Bear gets mud on us, we clean Bear and smear a stink bug on her nose as punishment. Lyn goes to find new books as the rest of the crew sleeps, he finds some new books and trades an old one for them. He picks up Bow of the Nation, Horses and Cats, and Phantoms and Guardians. Bow of the Nation is a complete history on Citadel. Phantoms and Guardians is a non-magical look on magical locations and happenings on the continent of Citadel.

We plan to set out for the capital in the morning, with our li’l drummer boy.

Boaty Boat Boat
Return of the boat

After a fantastic start from Waystation D making good time the Go Getters managed to run into a blackfish. After barely escaping due to some glitchy equipment management and some fantastic fighting the W.D. Dragon go getter continued on its path. Despite some inclement weather the Go Getters managed to make good time on their journey. After stumbling across a fishing crew of Hadozee’s being attacked by a territorial Archelon the Go getters did their best to get everybody out and managed to save most of the crew. After rewarding their new saviors with the Magnificent Captains Coat and labor, the Hadozees (Amerts, Daniel, Wayna, Fungai, and Reinhard) suffered through the next 10 days of frigid weather and temperate hurricanes blowing the W.D. Go getter across the plane, the go getters finally manage to break through the 5 days of fog. After rediscovering their bearings, Lin manages to direct the ship towards way station C.

Upon landing on the Waystation, the go getters where greeted by the local dock hustler “Little Tony” Although the hadozee stayed aboard, cautious of the non human traders abundant in the Ausdrake area. After a brief jazz performance with “Trumpet”, “Little Joey” decided to attempt and capture Skye aka Rainbow. This led to a conflict amongst the boys which was resolved quickly and efficiently. While rainbow, bear, and lin enjoyed the finest of entertainment and pasta, Sylveous went to Deb dealers Debhouse and Deb Travel Supplies.

Dat ass.

After picking up 4 months supplies for 10 peoples. Sylveous returned to the boat with the supplies and set off to find the rest of the crew. He found them right where he left them, singing, fluting, and eating all the cheese in the dockhands guild hall. The getters where invited back to “MamaTonys”( mother of Little tony, older brother of Riga Tony)(dont mention PapaTony) where all the pie and glorious fun was had. After a great night of revelry and pie, the getters retired to their rooms. Lin learned about the old “Catholic” faith with his spare time. The next morning the Getters were treated to the finest of spaghetti and maple syrup. They finally parted ways and were gifted with signet rings of “the family”(even a collar token for bear).

Upon their return to the W.D. Dragon go getter, the boys realized that their monkey friends had vanished. They returned to MamaTonys to enquire about their disappearance. Although she had no information, the getters proceeded to the dock guild halls to gather information from Little Joey. Joey told them to check out the auctions happening at 3 that afternoon. He also recommended that Rainbow pick up a disguise to hide his magnificent hair. After introducing the getters to Taylor the Tailor(who wanted to be a pirate) Skye was able to getting a matching balaclava for his armor. The getters prepared to travel to the auction ground.

Shit dm is shit
2 weeks later

Kyle sleeps through too much, then breaks knees

Taco Tuesday

After receiving word from a letter delivered by bear the bear the Go Getters prepare to leave for the next waystation. After purchasing 2 months of supplies and loading them onto the boat, the PC’s prepare for a long journey accross the world.

Adingadingdong has the Folding Boat Backpack. Sylveous is impressed.

Hired NPC Gerard Kaulana at 6gp per day. (Paid for 3 days in town +first week so far +20gp bear bonus)

Bear catches fish, parades stinky rotten fish all over the place, irritates adingadingdong.

Lin buys books on astronomy, learns all about astrology, buys navigators tools.

The terrible thing about muggers...

As the week progresses for our heroes Lin focuses his effort on discovering more about the gods to complete his mission task while the “Dragon Go Getters” set about building and christening the W.D. Dragon Go Getter, a 24*8*6 single masted ship with 2 sets of oars and an anchor.

As Lin adventured the streets of the Waystation he was unfortunate enough to fall into the hands of a local crime group. Although he managed to escape with his life, it did cost him his backpack containing all of the groups platinum bars.

Meanwhile on the docks Skye has managed to learn a number of sea worthy shanties as well as winning the hearts of the local dock workers and the local priest of farlanghan adingadingdon.

When shawn shows up injured and seeking vengeance Skye guides him to healing from his new priest friend before they set out for information.

Lin gets rejected by the temple of some symbol with a silver bearded dwarf.
Gets mad, goes home

After searching high and low to terrible degrees of success, and improving the skills of some local brigands, the PC’s finally figure out where to find one of the men who mugged Lin earlier that week.

After getting into an epic bar brawl (where even skye gets a few knockouts)and recieving no help from the local guardsman, the Pc’s manage to win the day and take the man along for questioning. After Having him healed by Adingadingdon. Lin decides to attempt to restrain the man, promptly getting him kicked out of the temple and getting no more information than “check the thieves guild”

Left out in the rain, the heroes trudged back to their hotel, looking forward to the next step in the adventure.

And so it begins again

Pursued by an angry group of militant assassins, looking for a long lost and oft forgotten pair of sisters, and angrily pouting through alleys, our unlikely group of destined ones all end up stuck in the same ticket line.

This happens to be a fortuitous moment for the 3 as they get too bond over shitty service and worse singing. Eventually ending up with a boatload+ of boarding passes, the crew spends the night in preperations for the next day.

After selling a large amount of boarding passes, the PC’s arrive at the ship the next day along with more than capacity of other riders. Despite the over crowding and cramped quarters of the transport ship, Skye’s singing and Lin’s scowling managed to keep the other passengers at bay.

After arriving @ waystation D the PC’s managed to interrupt a mugging in process. Sylveous was gifted with a well garnished box as thanks from the merchant victim, and the PC’s went on to collect a fair sum of money in the form of plat bars from merchants down by the northern docks.

After the hotel desk worker left in a fit of rage, the PC’s enjoyed a free week of lodging and performance hall space. Skye subbed in as hotel staff to insure things worked as expected. One morning the PC’s were accosted by several members of the Heart of the Tempest mercanies recovering the fallen blade of a comrade. Upon compliance the party was rewarded with some information about the Pantheon of Pantheons and dragons of the Barrenland.


RIP HISTORY, onward to evil and joy. Except giant ass storm cloud in the ocean. Shit’s still cannon.



Shawn kills D.
Dan becomes Yakman.
Killed harrigan.
Hard ass fight.
Waterfall rider.
Redshirt is a tree.
Cody splits the parties.
Stupid ass monkeys.
Cody solos the backline.
Meet with fuckwad.
Gain royal seals, missions, and letters.
Make dat money.

FIGHT 200 Cats
Summon a dire mammoth

Take all of experiences!!!!!!!


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