The World of Vectordel

Wowee what a night!

All the dudes at a real table

The party crosses the border into Croatud and heads north past Fort Orbind .

After giving a flesh golem the smackdown and dexterously although unceremoniously avoiding a series of giant antlion holes the group was viciously assaulted by 3 swarms of scorpions. After battling through most of them, Skye managed to summon a 4th swarm directly on top of him. Although disturbing and nauseating the swarms where no match for the newly self-minted Regulators of Scorpions.

In the following days the champions and bear manage to slash their way through several of the swarms larger brethren and make their way into Auxebriar. From within the metropolis the party was directed towards a high level sorcerer who may be able to assist with their polymorphed friend. As the newly rehumanized Ambassador Svanvi acclimates to her human body Skye and Sylveous obtain information about Skye’s locket and the dragon who may hold it. The sorcerer takes a trip through time and space to find some information but the party is simply rewarded with an unconscious Skye and a task to keep him safe.

While Skye sleeps off his walk down memory lane, the rest of the party gears up for the next leg of adventure.

After another 2 days of travel, the champions arrive at a border town north of Auxebriar where they remember to purchase a map of the countryside. They continue north but are unfortunately cut off by a death scarab swarm. The party is forced to run for their lives but Lin has a difficult time keeping up. Sylveous uses the mysterious power of his blade to sunder Lin’s armor completely. As Lin explodes past the rest of the party in naught but bright purple boxers and a scythe the champions sprint back towards the town. After about 10 minutes the party catches up to Lin’s unconscious body and carries it back to town with them.

Lin gets some new armor! Boring old metal! RIP Purple. Crystal of endurance.

The champions take an alternate path north, avoiding the death scarabs, but discovering a fey oases. Although the local caravaneer is quite persuasive, Skye out fey’s the fey and the party continues on their own path once again.

This path leads them to a large patch of cacti over growing several corpses of a gem merchant that had been traveling through. Upon triggering the needless explosion of countless cacti under it’s watch a local Saguaro sentinel stampedes the party. After several attempts to destroy the sentinel result weapons bouncing out of the hands of their owners (and with the help of a summoned fire beetle[mvp]) Sylveous manages to knock himself out and the rest of the party manages to down the sentinel.

To be continued…

Continuing on…

The champions make their way into the eastern barrenland pass on their way North. traversing many half covered caverns and exposed walkways. Easily enduring the elements and passing by many lessor creatures the group eventually comes face to face with triple penta pyrohydras lurking in the dark. Unsure how to proceed, Skye does the only logical thing, and proceedes to get the hydras tapdancing. As a great rumble shakes the mountain from the gleeful trio, the rest of the champions walk forward and begin to slay the blissful hydros where they dance. They hydras respond to the viscious attacks by attempting to flambe’ the champions, but merely scorch the eyebrows of Lin and Svanvi as Sylveous enjoys the toasty experience. Although the hydras heal through the original attacks a mighty cleave from Lin fells two of the beasts and the rest of the party downs the final one.
The party manages to glean a whopping 8000 copper from the encounter, which leads them to begin planning the initiation of [T.O.C.R.U] trained otter copper retrieval unit.

The champions manage to proceed through the remainder of the pass without incident (as we will soon learn why) until they reach a archway of solid stone near the far side.

As they approach the archway the half digested corpse of a landshark falls to the floor. The group decides to challenge the archway to a dance battle. Kuro breaks out a phenomenal drum solo and song(+81)

After that failed the group proceeded into the arch where a colossul centipede descended upon them like a broken candy claw machine. after figuring out how to grapple both cody and shawn, it was a mighty effort of the party but they managed to slay the beast. (Kuro MVP) As the rest of the party loots the piles of corpses, the 2/7ths of a landshark lurches up and tries to fight Skye. After a brutal 1v1, with kuro’s moral support(and silas’ actual defensive assistance). Skye manages to finish the beast.

Yall find some valuable cloth, bolt of electrum (1800gp) silver cloth penant(1100gp) and 300 gp

The party goes to sleep and dreams dreamy dreams of being the prettiest, buffest, smartest, shiniest, jauntiest, guyest, actually builtest, champions they can be.


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