The World of Vectordel

Triangle Chokes Super-Effective against CRABS!

Our ship runs aground, and we find ourselves facing off against an army of crabs! Lyn and Sylveous strike the Medium sized crabs as Lyn strikes one down with his scythe. Big boy joins the battle! Big boy grapples Lyn, it’s an intense grappling match wherein Lyn and Big Boy beat eachother with their limbs. Bear goes into the water and faces off against the small crab legion, as the company of Medium crabs join the fray with Bear, Bear is grappled into the water and struggles to fight them quite intensely. Skye jumps into the water and grapples the crab wrestling champion of the world! It’s an intense match wherein Skye attempts a suplex, and fails! He attempts the arm bar, and it breaks out! He goes for the Triangle Choke hold and he gets it!!!! He’s got the choke hold on the Crab Champion of the WORLD! The crab breaks out on his next turn, the grapple continues! Kuro eats a crab, we’re all confused! Bear gets knocked out by one of the medium crabs. Sylveous strikes down a crab as it scuttles onto the deck, and is surrounded again! Skye gets the Triangle Choke in again! He’s got it! Lyn takes down Big Boy down with a fist to its crabby face! The Crab wrestling champion of the world can’t break the hold! Is Skye going to do it!? The crabs try to drag Bear onto the land, and they aren’t doing quite well, they’re dragged underwater as she sinks! The Crabs begin to cannibalize Big Boy! Skye releases the Crab, and pushes Bear onto the land! There’s a crab hanging off of bear still, and Lyn takes Bear from Skye and punches the crab off of Bear. The battles continue between Sylveous and three crabs, and the crab wrestling champion of the world goes after Skye! He strikes Skye, and attempts to grapple, but Skye breaks it! As two more crabs jump in! Is there no honor in crabs!? They smack Skye around, and the third grapples him! Lyn strikes down the Crab wrestling champion of the world with his scythe! It stays down! Our group finishes off the rest of the crabs, and our crew comes up to gather up what we can of the food!

We set onto the island and find a wrecked fishing boat containing the necessary supplies to repair our ship, and a few items. After four days of rain and heavy winds blowing against us, as well as more fog, we finally are able to set off again. We arrive at the port of Citadel after two more days at sea. Sylveous sells the Coral Crossbow to fund the next of their adventures! We find our way mysteriously to the entrance of the nearby fortress in our searches for Bear. Bear gets mud on us, we clean Bear and smear a stink bug on her nose as punishment. Lyn goes to find new books as the rest of the crew sleeps, he finds some new books and trades an old one for them. He picks up Bow of the Nation, Horses and Cats, and Phantoms and Guardians. Bow of the Nation is a complete history on Citadel. Phantoms and Guardians is a non-magical look on magical locations and happenings on the continent of Citadel.

We plan to set out for the capital in the morning, with our li’l drummer boy.


KyleGordon Strake

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