The World of Vectordel

Tiberion? Or Capitalist Tiberion?

We have our charges dropped, and we set off for the port. With no happenings on our travels back to it.

We visit the navigators guild and Sylveous is laughed out of it in an uproarious way.

We find a ship that is travelling to Tiberion, we follow it to Tiberion and find out that we are in deep debt now. We now owe 1800 platinum, and we’re royally fucked.

We get information after waiting in line for three hours at an information kiosk. We also purchase ten use Hyper Carriage passes.

We travel through the capital of Tiberion, visiting monasteries along the way. It’s quite pleasant.

We find ourselves in the great library and find out a great deal about many things. Lyn studies about the Dwarven Pantheon, Skye and Bear learn that Bear is not actually a bear. Skye also learns a great deal about Dragons. Sylveous learns a maneuver, and meets Fiora a Diamond Mind Swordsage Lvl 5. It is an eventful stay.

“Paper is just shittier trees”. -Bearbarian

Finally the Ascended comes to meet Bear, on the 21st day of the 5th month. We learn that we need a Miracle or Wish to revert Bear to her original form. Lyn is unaware of this.
Ascended destroys our debt, and promises us passes upon arrival at the Hyper Carriage station that we’ll be able to utilize.

Ascended sees Skye’s hair, and seems interested.


KyleGordon Strake

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