The World of Vectordel

The mysterious disappearing Bear!

We have our ship redone! It takes a LONG time.

Bear disappears! We search all over for her, to no avail! We also discover why Bear likes those pigs so much, delicious! We put in a missing Bear report, and we find out that Bear might be climbing up a tall wall and jumping into the ocean, oh no! We head off towards the monastery of knowledge in hopes that they will know where Bear’s disappeared to. They didn’t know, we wandered for about a month, and then Lyn disappeared. We’re seriously the worst trackers EVER.

We eventually find Lyn at the great Southwest F, and travel to retrieve Bear from the Wilderness Farmers monastery. We arrive to find Bear compelled to act like a bear, what madness! We eventually help her in breaking the compulsion and are preparing to continue waiting for our equipment to be finished, so that we might go out adventuring again.


KyleGordon Strake

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