The World of Vectordel

Police Brutality

We wander down a hall, and eventually find our way to a ladder. The trapdoor is a pain in the ass, but Lyn eventually forces it open, after damaging the ladder. We find our way into an old abandoned house with a mean dresser that explodes on Sylveous and Lyn.

We find ourselves in the village of Dale, or Aleday, or something, we’re not certain. We find the village to be abandoned, and discover some dismembered villagers within. Bear stares at a tree for nine hours, Lyn joins bear in its staring. Sylveous takes a sixteen hour nap, and Skye plays on the lumber mill and plays music until he falls asleep.

We set off again in the direction Bear points us in, unknowing of where we might find ourselves. We’re the best at this! After lunch, we see some travellers! We attempt to hail them down and have a conversation, we’re greeted with accusations and threats. We’re sad.

We settle our problems peacefully, and are manacled. We peacefully talk and seem to have no problems, until they attempt to kill Bear, and then attempt to kill all of us. We defeat them in a long drawn out battle, one of them escapes in the fray.

We bring the captain back with us to Dale, where Lyn executes them. We flee from an oncoming group of cavalry back into the secret entrance into Dale.


KyleGordon Strake

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