The World of Vectordel

Dimarco, the Captain!

Our group jumped down the cliff to attempt to escape we are pursued and flanked by three companies. We wipe out all of the captains, and defeat about half of them before we surrender to officer Dimarco. Dimarco is a true hero, and will forever be hailed as amazing.

Dimarco brings us back to the village, and we are put into a house to rest for the night. They attempt to move us in the morning back to the capital, we are provided mounts.

We spend three days waiting for their investigations to bring up something good. We then are brought to the Baron, for judgement.

We talk to the Baron, and he finds our story to be believable, and we offer our services to help solve the issues of this land. We learn that the royal family and the barons have not been communicating at all as of recent, and that a lot of strange happenings have been going on!
We are given nice rooms and treated as guests.


KyleGordon Strake

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