The World of Vectordel

Citadel is a very boring place.

We arrive at the capital with no real happenings, our group questions a squad of guards as to if there are any remaining baddies. However, we are informed that the national guard takes care of everything.

We find there are no books on gods here, and that in order to get into the pretty tower we need to have business with the royal family. We sing Mulan songs on our way back to the docks.

On our way back to the docks, we decide to follow the river and save the forest from the bad stuff. Dooda leaves our group here.

We adventure off down the river, and eventually we climb our way into a mysterious laboratory. Sylveous takes some science papers, and unlabeled chemicals.

Skye searches a Cloak on a coat hanger, and angers the coat hanger and its friends!
Sylveous and Lyn take on Chair and Desk, as Bear and Skye take on Coat Hanger and Umbrella Stand!

Skye finds a cloak of the bat, and antics ensue! We then find a secret door in the laboratory, and plan to investigate further!


KyleGordon Strake

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