The World of Vectordel

Boaty Boat Boat

Return of the boat

After a fantastic start from Waystation D making good time the Go Getters managed to run into a blackfish. After barely escaping due to some glitchy equipment management and some fantastic fighting the W.D. Dragon go getter continued on its path. Despite some inclement weather the Go Getters managed to make good time on their journey. After stumbling across a fishing crew of Hadozee’s being attacked by a territorial Archelon the Go getters did their best to get everybody out and managed to save most of the crew. After rewarding their new saviors with the Magnificent Captains Coat and labor, the Hadozees (Amerts, Daniel, Wayna, Fungai, and Reinhard) suffered through the next 10 days of frigid weather and temperate hurricanes blowing the W.D. Go getter across the plane, the go getters finally manage to break through the 5 days of fog. After rediscovering their bearings, Lin manages to direct the ship towards way station C.

Upon landing on the Waystation, the go getters where greeted by the local dock hustler “Little Tony” Although the hadozee stayed aboard, cautious of the non human traders abundant in the Ausdrake area. After a brief jazz performance with “Trumpet”, “Little Joey” decided to attempt and capture Skye aka Rainbow. This led to a conflict amongst the boys which was resolved quickly and efficiently. While rainbow, bear, and lin enjoyed the finest of entertainment and pasta, Sylveous went to Deb dealers Debhouse and Deb Travel Supplies.

Dat ass.

After picking up 4 months supplies for 10 peoples. Sylveous returned to the boat with the supplies and set off to find the rest of the crew. He found them right where he left them, singing, fluting, and eating all the cheese in the dockhands guild hall. The getters where invited back to “MamaTonys”( mother of Little tony, older brother of Riga Tony)(dont mention PapaTony) where all the pie and glorious fun was had. After a great night of revelry and pie, the getters retired to their rooms. Lin learned about the old “Catholic” faith with his spare time. The next morning the Getters were treated to the finest of spaghetti and maple syrup. They finally parted ways and were gifted with signet rings of “the family”(even a collar token for bear).

Upon their return to the W.D. Dragon go getter, the boys realized that their monkey friends had vanished. They returned to MamaTonys to enquire about their disappearance. Although she had no information, the getters proceeded to the dock guild halls to gather information from Little Joey. Joey told them to check out the auctions happening at 3 that afternoon. He also recommended that Rainbow pick up a disguise to hide his magnificent hair. After introducing the getters to Taylor the Tailor(who wanted to be a pirate) Skye was able to getting a matching balaclava for his armor. The getters prepared to travel to the auction ground.


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